Meet the Team


Lead Dental Assistant

I love helping people change their lives, and supporting them as they improve their oral health and smile! Everyone at Issaquah Valley Dental Care is committed to patient care. We want people to be excited about dental health and to enjoy their visits with us.

I’m a certified and registered dental assistant, and I work closely with Dr. Arti and Dr. Ashi. I seat and prepare patients, provide chairside assistance, and make sure all our patients are comfortable, relaxed, and know they’re in safe hands.

When I’m not at work, I love spending time with my husband Antonio, and our “son”: our dog Tiki. I really like playing video games and going to arcades!


Dental Hygienist

I love educating and encouraging people to take better care of their oral health, so they develop positive habits to achieve the best results. My heart sings when I see a patient at a recall visit and they have a healthier, cleaner, brighter smile! Dr. Arti, Dr. Ashi, and this team are a joy to work with. Everyone is great at what they do and are highly skilled as well as gentle and kind.

I provide thorough, very gentle cleanings, assess oral health, and offer lots of dental education. Like the doctors and my teammates, I want people to enjoy lifetimes of healthy smiles!

When I’m not at work, I enjoy volunteering at my younger son’s school and with House of Hope, a women’s and children’s shelter home in North Bend. I also love hanging out with my high-school- and college-aged sons and my husband, and I like cooking and traveling.


Front Office Manager

I am so happy when we make financial aspects of dental care work, so patients are able to get the treatment they need. We see a lot of people with extensive needs, and when we show them their before and after photos, and they’re thrilled, we’re thrilled! Our doctors and staff are amazing. They’re talented, skilled, and genuinely care about our patients and each other.

I’m the “money” person at Issaquah Valley Dental Care. I work with the insurance companies to figure out how patients can get the most from their benefits. I also handle insurance paperwork, and file claims and process payments, so patients needn’t stress. My background as a dental assistant makes me better able to help patients understand treatment and feel confident about the care we offer.

When I’m not at work, I love to camp and travel; anything near the water means a great time! My kids, Caleb and Caitlin, keep my life exciting, fun, and busy. We also have two fur babies: our pugs, Presley and Priscilla!


Patient Care Coordinator

I love talking and catching up with patients: asking about their day and hearing what’s happening in their lives. When patients arrive and they’re smiling because they’re looking forward to seeing us, I know we’re doing things right! Dr. Arti, Dr. Ashi, and my coworkers are always willing to help each other, and we’re all excited to keep our patients smiling!

I work at the front desk, to welcome and check in patients, schedule visits, and confirm appointments. I also update records, answer the phone, and, when we refer to an outside specialist, I contact that provider’s office to set things up.

In my free time, I love working out, reading, and playing with my dog Titus.


Office Administrator

I work mainly behind the scenes at Issaquah Valley Dental Care, to keep us running smoothly. I love being part of a practice where the doctors and team are kind, gentle, and professional. Listening to them talking and laughing with patients, sharing stories and helping others, makes me happy. We have a positive, welcoming office and care for our patients like family.

I handle accounts payable and receivable, as well as taxes and the monthly, quarterly, and yearly reconciliations. I’m also in charge of various human resources aspects of the practice, including onboarding, training, and payroll.

I work part time, which is perfect because it helps me to manage my kids’ schedules!

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