Isolite™ Dryfield Illuminator

The award-winning Isolite™ Dryfield Illuminator is part of our advanced equipment at Issaquah Valley Dental Care. Our dedication to the best dentistry, patient safety, and patient comfort is facilitated by this suction and illumination system.

Isolite makes dental treatment quicker, for a more efficient visit. The dental work performed with Isolite will also last longer. Isolite has a soft bite block that holds the mouth open comfortably and results in less jaw fatigue.

Constant suction in the mouth also prevents the need for you to ask for suction. Isolite also keeps the tongue, cheek, and throat protected while providing even illumination so Dr. Ashi or Dr. Arti can see the details of your mouth perfectly.

Isolite helps protect oral tissues during mercury removal, when patients get amalgam fillings replaced. You’ll love all the safety and comfort-enhanced features of the Isolite!

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