Sedation Dentistry Methods

A sleeping woman illustrates how sedation dentistry at our Bellevue practice can take the anxiety out of your next visit to Issaquah Valley Dental Care
Certification in Conscious Sedation Intravenous Conscious Sedation Certification Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation Certificate

"Best Dentistry I've ever experienced! Doctors make sure I am comfortable during procedures all the while answering any questions I have and explaining what they will be doing without ever making me feel rushed. I was told by another Dentist in California I desperately needed a root canal. However when Dr. Bashar treated my tooth all I really needed was a filling and explained this throughly even showing me my xrays. I deeply appreciate him saving me the expense and pain of a root canal all is perfect with my tooth! :-)"
- Denise B.

Refresh your peace of mind while we revitalize your smile. At Issaquah Valley Dental Care, we can provide the right level of relaxation, so you will be calm, reassured and extremely comfortable while you receive the dental care you need.

  • IV Sedation - The deepest form of sedation, administered intravenously. Your well-being and vital signs are closely monitored, for your complete comfort and safety. IV sedation is often used for dental implants, wisdom teeth removal and extractions.
  • Oral Conscious Sedation - A moderate form of sedation, provided by taking a pill. You become deeply relaxed, yet still able to communicate, making your Issaquah sedation dentistry visit easy for you and your doctors.
  • Nitrous Oxide - This mild sedative, "laughing gas", is commonly used in dentistry to help ease discomfort or anxiety.

After your treatment, you will be amazed at your newly refreshed smile. Dr. Ramanan and Dr. Bhan-Kachroo can perform magical cosmetic work or establish a healthy bite and smile. Call us today for your consultation!

Wisdom Tooth Removal

A smiling couple illsutrates how our Issaquah dentists take the worry out of Wisdom Tooth Removal
Master in the College of Sedation Dentistry Certification Master in the College of Sedation Dentistry Certification Master in the College of Sedation Dentistry Certification

IV and oral sedation dentistry keeps Bellevue and Issaquah patients comfortable and worry-free during wisdom teeth extraction. The continuity of care means you go to Issaquah Valley Dental Care, as you would for a cleaning.

Learn more about extractions, post-operative care and safe sedation dentistry by contacting us. Bellevue and Issaquah patients may also want to discuss their ideal smile. Call us today about wisdom teeth, Invisalign or our excellent hygiene services!

Dental Implants

A couple enjoying sushi illsutrates how dental implants from our Bellevue area dentists can restore your smile.
American Dental Implant Association Certification American Dental Implant Association Certification American Dental Implant Association Certification

With dental implants, everyone can enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile. We offer the absolute best tooth replacement option: dental implants. Issaquah Valley Dental Care has the expertise to complete your entire dental implant process - surgical placement and the restoration with a crown.

Dental implants are the best option for:

  • Replacing teeth
  • Retaining bone structure
  • Enjoying any food you want
  • Stabilizing implant-supported dentures
  • Looking and feeling great!

You can count on the ultimate patient experience when you get dental implants from Issaquah Valley Dental Care. They can drastically improve your life - call for your consultation today.

Root Canal Treatment

A relxed looking woman illustrates how Issaquah Valley Dental Care takes the anxiety out of Root Canal treatments
Endodontic Honors Program Certification Endodontic Honors Program Certification Endodontic Honors Program Certification

Your comfort is essential for a root canal at Issaquah Valley Dental Care. Dr. Ramanan and Dr. Bhan-Kachroo are experts at sedation dentistry, so you can rest easy.

Root Canals:
  • Cleanse and sanitize the inner tooth chamber
  • Keep the tooth in place
  • Preserve natural root structure and bite pressure
  • Provide relief from tooth pain

Root canals can bring immediate relief to patients, as the infection is cleared. No matter what dental care you need, Issaquah and Bellevue sedation dentistry patients enjoy the smooth, painless dental experience from Issaquah Valley Dental Care.

Gum Contouring

A man smiling to show how gum contouring at our Bellevue practice can improve your natural smile.

There is more to a beautiful smile than just teeth. The way your gums frame teeth is just as important for your smile as the teeth themselves. Drs. Ramanan and Bhan-Kachroo are Bellevue area cosmetic dentists who use state-of-the-art lasers to gently sculpt gums into balanced shapes with a very comfortable application. Give your gums the the very best tool for this treatment: lasers!

Gum contouring:

  • Highlights teeth
  • Evens gums
  • Brings symmetry to your smile
  • Can significantly change the look of your smile
  • Lasers make the process completely comfortable

Gum contouring is part of cosmetic dentistry that makes beautiful and famous smiles look perfect. Enjoy the exquisite expertise and a comfortable dental experience - call Issaquah Valley Dental Care today!


A dental visit that is anxiety and stress-free is what Dr. Ramanan and Dr. Bhan-Kachroo can provide for each of their clients with Issaquah sedation dentistry for Bellevue, WA and the surrounding communities.