Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry

We are the perfect dental home for all members of your family giving you the convenience of one-stop dentistry. Our team members are experts in all avenues of dental treatment for the family from hygiene and cleanings, fillings and crowns, and orthodontic solutions - all the way to dentures and everything in-between.

Every member of our dental team family makes it easy for every member of your family to feel right at home in our office. At Issaquah Valley Dental Care you can expect high-end dentistry with a home-town feel!

Dental Hygiene

Issaquah dentistry by Bellevue dentist Drs. Ramanan and Bhan-Kachroo offers the highest quality dental hygiene treatment.

"Have you ever been to the dentist and when they take x-rays it’s painful and the lights dim when the x-ray camera clicks? Old tools and the dentist has bad breath? This is the opposite of that. This place is awesome. One thing I like is that the keep up on technology. It’s actually the most advanced office I’ve been to, including that fancy new hospital in the Highlands. From the touch-screen check-in to the tools they use to check sensitive gums and clean your teeth - everything is fast, efficient and painless. You have to see it to believe it."
- Russel P.

You have the power to enjoy oral health and an attractive smile for life. The right hygiene routine for you, along with regular Issaquah dentistry visits to our office can provide this peace of mind for you and your smile.

Our gentle hygienists can refresh your smile and gums. We also use painless, state-of-the-art cavity detection, so Dr. Ashi or Dr. Arti can protect your teeth as early as possible. Call for your Issaquah dentistry appointment today!



Healthy gums can hold teeth in place for life. Periodontics from Issaquah Valley Dental Care is the branch of dentistry that focuses on your gums. Dr. Ashi, Dr. Arti and their hygiene team for dental care near Bellevue can preserve the health of your gums with incredible detail and comfortable dental equipment.

Taking excellent care of your gums pays off - with a healthy, radiant smile that looks and feels good. Schedule your periodontal hygiene visit at our office today!


Porcelain Crowns
5 year warranty badge
Crowns View dental cases showcasing Crowns View dental cases showcasing Crowns

When you need a restoration on your tooth, it should return strength to your smile while looking natural. The philosophy for Dr. Ashi and Dr. Arti's dentistry in Issaquah is optimum strength and an ideal appearance. All-porcelain crowns establish both form and function for many cases.

A crown by Dr. Ashi and Dr. Arti can:

  • Blend in with your other teeth through precise color matching
  • Preserve your root structure
  • Retain your ideal bite integrity
  • Support a dental bridge
  • Offer you a limited 5-year warranty

Call about our beautiful and restorative dentistry, including bridges, dentures and crowns at Issaquah Valley Dental Care today.


5 year warranty badge

"I went to Issaquah Valley Dental Care to have a bridge checked for replacement. The customer service and stage was outstanding and nothing shy of professional, especially the girl working the front desk. I did not have to wait long at all before taken to the back for my exam and X-ray. I was in and out within 30 minutes. I would recommend Issaquah Valley Dental Care to anyone!"
- Matthew E.

Video Bridges Gallery View dental bridges in our Gallery View dental bridges in our Gallery

Replacing a tooth with a dental bridge is a cost-effective, non-invasive method. Dr. Ashi and Dr. Arti will include the utmost details in your dental bridge, offering Issaquah dentistry that meets your needs.

There are many tooth replacement options at Issaquah Valley Dental Care. A bridge works by being held in place by crowns on the surrounding teeth.

A bridge offers:

  • A conservative option (in terms of cost and treatment)
  • A surgery-free restoration
  • A faster restoration - bridges only require placement, without the healing time required by dental implants

Discuss your Issaquah dentistry needs with Drs. Ashi and Arti today.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

"Simply the best dental experience I have ever had. I suffer from DENTALFOBIA and my teeth are a mess. I have never been made to feel self-conscious or embarrassed. After my initial experience of having a root canal, crown and then loosing the tooth to infection you would think I may never have returned. (Considered!) I am so glad I did. Doctor AJ fully explained what happened in an open, honest way. The female staff is great and display a natural kindness that sets one at ease. Top of the line equipment and innovations. "
- Tom L.

A healthy mouth has balance, structure and a comfortable bite. Dr. Ashi is an extremely accomplished Bellevue area dentistry provider who can return these qualities to your smile. Full mouth rehabilitation is quintessential dentistry for smiles that have experienced wear, trauma or other complications.

You can enjoy your favorite foods again and smile with pleasure. Full mouth rehabilitation is how Dr. Ashi repairs your smile, with whichever procedures you need, including:

  • Dental implants
  • Crowns
  • TMJ treatment
  • Sedation dentistry
  • And more!

Take the first step - call about our Bellevue area cosmetic dentistry that can help you live comfortably again.

TMJ Treatment

TMJ Treatment

Life life comfortably! The jaw joint (or TMJ) is the intricate joint that, when unbalanced, may cause severe discomfort. Your TMJ may be unbalanced if you have:

  • Constant headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Facial pain
  • Cracking or popping while you chew
  • Tingling fingertips

Issaquah TMJ treatment by Dr. Arti could offer you non-invasive relief for the TMJ, as well as for snoring. Dr. Arti can relieve overstressed muscles with his TENS unit, which records muscle activity. By gently relaxing and realigning the joint, Dr. Arti can reintroduce your ideal jaw position.

Feel your pain and symptoms dissipate, in the relaxing comfort of our renowned Issaquah dentistry office! Call today for more information.

Sleep & Snore Treatment

Sleep and Snore Treatment

Nobody likes snoring! It deprives you of quality sleep and is disturbing to those around you. Snoring is also an indicator or sleep apnea - where the airway becomes blocked during sleep, interrupting breathing.

Dr. Ashi and Dr. Arti provide comprehensive Issaquah snoring treatment, including night guards, such as the SomnoMed and TAP®. These reduce snoring and sleep apnea by positioning your jaws to allow as much air to your lungs as possible. This is a much more comfortable and effective solution that the CPAP machine. Rest easy - call Issaquah Valley Dental Care for your sleep and snore treatment consultation today.


Denture Cases View our denture dental cases View our denture dental cases

Whether you have dentures or are considering them for the first time, you want the best pair of dentures you can get in Issaquah. Dentistry by Dr. Ashi and Dr. Arti includes full mouth rehabilitation, which may call for implant-supported dentures - he provides sedation dentistry for Bellevue and Issaquah patients and places dental implants himself.

Alternatively, traditional dentures by Dr. Ashi and Dr. Arti include incredible detail. By including as much precision as possible, we offer the best Issaquah dentistry possible to patients looking for a natural looking and feeling tooth replacement. Call our office today to explore your tooth replacement options!

At Issaquah Valley Dental, excellent dentistry involves preventative care, patient education and effective restorative care with Issaquah general dentistry for Bellevue, WA smiles.