Keep Your Teeth Healthy With Our Dental Experts in Bellevue

When patients receive a spot-on, thorough cleaning from our dentist near Bellevue, they desire to keep their teeth clean, healthy, and free from cavities. Dr. Ramanan strongly advises everyone to brush and floss every day. In addition, it’s equally important to see your dentist regularly to ensure a healthy, beautiful smile. These are the basic ways to keep your teeth healthy and clean, but you can be a step ahead of cavity prevention with xylitol.

How Xylitol Can Help Your Smile

What is xylitol? It’s a form of sugar called polyol, which is found naturally in fruits and vegetables. According to multiple studies, this natural substance adhere bacteria from tooth surfaces dramatically reducing tooth decay and even reversing existing cavities. Think of xylitol as the super hero against cavities, protecting one tooth at a time from the dangers of tooth decay.

How can you put xylitol into your daily routine? If you drink coffee or tea every morning, use 100% xylitol sweetener products. The best part about this healthy substance is it’s quite delicious! Switching over to this sugar will not take the sweetness out of your coffee, tea, or any other products. You can also look for a toothpaste, mouthwash, chewing gum, and candy containing xylitol.

If you incorporate xylitol to your daily diet, you can save your teeth from future cavities, and make your next visit to Dr. Ramanan easier and efficient. Our fabulous team wants you to have a healthy, cavity-free life. Call your dentist near Bellevue today, and learn how you can prevent cavities in the comfort of your own home.