Dentist for Bellevue Helps Protect Your Essential Assets

What’s one of the hardest coatings found in nature? Believe it or not, it’s dental enamel! As your dentist for Bellevue, we ask you to consider these factors:

Though stronger than bone, enamel is not indestructible.

You may have personally experienced this in the form of dental caries or cavities. Even developing the tiniest hole in your tooth enamel is enough to allow harmful bacteria to take hold and flourish. Are you a slave to certain habits such as tobacco use, alcohol or sugary drink consumption, or illegal drugs such as methamphetamines? If so, you’re rate of enamel decay has become accelerated.

Remember: Once enamel is lost, it cannot be regenerated.

As a concerned dentist for Bellevue, Dr. Ramanan not only suggests his patients increase their cognizance regarding the importance of diligent brushing and flossing, but of regular dental checkups and professional cleanings.

Weaknesses detected in your enamel by our trained dental professionals can be addressed at the earliest stages, before “molehills grow to mountains”. The minimal cost and easy convenience of receiving a small dental filling, for example, is far more beneficial time and money-wise than procrastinating until periodontal disease, root canals, dental implants etc. have become a necessity.

Perhaps one day science will have reached the goal laid out in a ScienceDaily article (Feb.24, 2009) where researchers “identified the gene that ultimately controls the production of tooth enamel, a significant advance that could someday lead to the repair of damaged enamel, a new concept in cavity prevention, and restoration or even the production of replacement teeth.”

Someday scientific advances just may allow for reproduction of tooth enamel, but as currently it remains in theoretical stages, the onus remains on you and us.

Help us help you in preserving one of your most valuable assets: your healthy smile. Arrange today with our dentist for Bellevue a convenient time for your cleaning and checkup now!