Judge Between 3 Options

When departed teeth leave a vacancy, you are faced with a big decision: do nothing, build a bridge, or install dental implants. Bellevue residents in this situation do well to investigate fully the options, after all it’s not just your smile depending on it!

Dental Implant Options in Bellevue

Option "Ignore": Failing to fill the void where a tooth was once positioned is obviously the most economical short-term "solution". However it is fraught with future complications. Surrounding teeth will begin migrating out of position, altering your overall oral structure and smile. Repairing accumulated damages down-the-road can prove very costly, meanwhile you have one less chewing surface.

Option "Bridge the Gap": By suspending an imitation tooth between two existing teeth it helps to prevent the shifting of adjacent teeth. The disadvantage of this option is that the process requires chiseling down otherwise normal teeth in order to secure a bridge to them. It also fails to prevent bone and tissue shrinkage beneath the bridge, requiring future bridge adjustments to compensate.

Option "Dental Implants": As Bellevue readers may have guessed from the name, an implant is more than a surface solution. A tiny titanium rod is secured into the jawbone and allowed to integrate. Once this has been established, an aesthetically pleasing restoration can be designed and installed, providing a fully functional bite surface with impressive longevity.

Dental implants for Bellevue patients preserve valuable facial structure and last a lifetime. Investigate your options further by arranging a consult with Issaquah Valley Dental Care today!