Cosmetic Dentistry from Experts in Bellevue

Your smile says it all; it’s the gateway to your personality. When your teeth are bright it shows off your beauty, youth, and confidence. Your Bellevue area cosmetic dentist understands the importance of having a whiter, brighter smile, and he can lift any discolorations transforming dull colored teeth into a work of art. Dr. Aishwarya Ramanan offers two teeth whitening options to match your needs and desires.

Two Teeth Whitening Options for Bellevue

BriteSmile system: In one hour, the wattage of your smile will light up significantly. BriteSmile is an easy, safe, and effective teeth whitening procedure that the world will gawk at your smile in no time. How does it work? First, Dr. Arti will carefully apply whitening gel on the tooth surfaces. Next, BriteSmile’s patented blue light will shine over the applied gel activating the whitening process. This will happen for about 20 minutes and the process will be repeated twice.

Take-home teeth whitening: If you rather brighten your smile in the comfort of your own home, then Dr. Arti's take-home kit may be the best option for you. Take-home teeth whitening is designed to whiten your teeth at your convenience, and will produce professional results. Store-bought teeth whitening kits are not as effective because it is not customized to your smile, which can irritate the gums and result in poor-quality whitening.

Get real, professional results with Issaquah Valley Dental Care’s teeth whitening options for your smile’s future is looking bright and healthy. Call us today for a consultation.